On- Translate : Business Translation Services

At the heart of our On services, is our mission to provide you with every tool your business needs to communicate effectively. Working beyond boundaries means being able to communicate beyond borders. That is why we've developed On- Translate, a translation and interpretation service designed to support your global reach.


Increase your international business reach with simple, easy to use, high quality service


Rapid response with a guaranteed call connection within 1 minute


Our specialists cover a large number of languages and international terminology 


Professional, friendly and relaxed interpreters available live, and on-demand


Priced by a one-time installation fee. After that, you simply pay per minute


Conveying the fundamental meaning, not simply a word for word translation- guaranteed










How On-Translate Works

Any time zone, any time. Simply call our On-Translate contact number and you'll be connected to one of our trusted linguists right away. Whether your limited-English speaking associate is present alongside you, or you're being connected across continents, the process is as simple as that.

Communication : True Meaning

Interpretation is ensuring you're able to convey the true meaning of what is being said, not simply a word for word translation. The promise of On-Translate is of delivering quality communication and mutual understanding. Our professional telephone-interpreters are available 24/7 offering native and specialised interpretation in a large number of languages. 

What On-Translate Means for Your Business

Having an interpretation solution available on demand means that you can deliver the highest quality customer service, whatever the situation. With a global reach, comes the need to increase your accessibility for non-English speakers, both at home and abroad.  Whether the occasional business meeting or day to day conversation, On Translate is the answer for you. Simply dial your designated phone number, request an interpreter and within seconds your conversation can continue with full-understanding and fluent communication. 

Safety and Security

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We guarantee safety and security with each and every one of your calls. Each member of our On-Translate team is listed in the LLS database of approved interpreters.  All linguists must accept and sign a Services Agreement and Code of Ethics. This ensures that they are aware of the sensitivity associated with much of the work that they will undertake, the standards they are expected to maintain in such situations.

A Service that Fits Your Budget

On-Translate is an affordable service with no monthly subscription or minimum use charges. There is a one-time installation fee and after that, you simply pay per minute.  We also offer the option to install specialist equipment to enhance session quality and receive full technological support from our team of specialists. With decades of experience in the telephony and communcations industry, we are committed to delivering you the most innovative technology to meet your business needs. On-Translate is just another piece to fit your international business puzzle.  For more services and the full range of options please enquire. 

All this for a single set-up fee

And a low rate cost per minute on a PAYG basis. Whats not to talk about? (in any Language!)